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Pottery Designs| Traditional vs Modern

In general, earthenware, as the oldest cooking and cooking utensils, is lighter and cheaper than other types of utensils. These containers, which are natural and environmentally friendly, prevent diseases and problems in the human body and nature and bring us one step closer to having a healthier life and environment around us. The pottery designs are definitely different than in the past, and have moved more towards the modern. persian blue pottery and kashan pottery are two old Iranian pottery that are generally used today.

Pottery Designs| Traditional vs Modern

Traditional Pottery Designs vs Modern Designs

Traditional Pottery Designs vs Modern Designs  Pottery is a very old art and is one of the most important artifacts for historians. Pottery has changed a lot in the historical times, and various techniques have been added to this art, which we will explore in this article. Iranian pottery or boxwood has a long history in Iranian history.

 Pottery is one of the first and most important man-made inventions.  For historians and archaeologists it is one of the most important artistic manifestations. Archaeologists are familiar with the social and economic conditions of a period or region through pottery. Studying pottery on life, people’s religion and history interpret social relationships and society’s attitudes toward neighbors. Pottery flows have made a lot of differences since the beginning of Islam on the beginning of the following; and they were rolled. This type of pottery is usually decorated with two blue and black colors. The pottery artist often uses the pocket and puzzle dance scenes and has drawn black-like signs on the water. The most prominent motifs are shown and generally the role of the smear of the scholars and so much all the surface or sometimes the bottom of the dishes.

Why Global Market of Pottery have Boom?

Why Global Market of Pottery have Boom?Pottery is a craftsmanship and for this reason it is very prosperous in the world. Where handicrafts affect cultural heritage, economics and social activities of society, it is of great importance and handicrafts are of particular cultural and religious importance. Handicrafts in the Eastern and Third World countries were primarily concerned with generating income and creating jobs for the people of the community.  But in recent years, the handicraft industry in these countries has gained even greater value due to the revival of cultural, indigenous heritage and preservation of cultural values. With the development of new tools and the production of better quality raw materials than ever before, the early centers and craftsmanship of the Third World are concerned and the crafts are created to create jobs and help the people’s economy in these developing countries and regions.  It is more important and more advanced in industrialized countries and has enjoyed a special place in Iran for many years.

How to Identify Persian Pottery Designs?

How to Identify Persian Pottery Designs?The design of Iranian pottery  is generally divided into several categories:

  • Glazed cast: Islamic prayers have been struggling to build a glamorous distribution in various types of different ways. From the beginning of Islam at the same time as the movements and national movements and the establishment of dynasties such as taherness and sanisians in different workshops, the production of a beautifully populated.In the production of various types of pistols, various designations, such as human images, animal, herbal, birds, aquatic, written motif, and other designs were commonly used.
  • Enamel pottery: The decorations of maneustan potatoes include geometric and flower and vegetable motifs, which generally cover all the inside of the container. The colonial cowboy with black and white and brown, and a row-shaped and row-shaped nitrogen-based lines of the inside and outside of the century of the 6th and 7th century, and also the animal and human random, including the sprouts of the kings, romantic stories, richs and musicians.
  • Design roles :This technique has been a long history of Iran and the potential of the potential of the plate for the decorative pink was used, and the continuity of this technique that has been continued to be continued in most of the pottery centers with almost the same methods.
  • Pottery of the blue: The first-endless potential of coverage, and then the same as the colors and colors that are prepared from the metal oxide composition, are covered as spotting or sometimes spinned on the containers. The sprayed colors in the production of China often use three colors: green yellow blue. But in the spraying containers of Iran, in addition to the three colors of purple paints.

Varieties of Pottery Designs

Varieties of Pottery DesignsIn general, about a variety of potalwares, the tips were called, the first instruction is the same product of this product, but should be considered after making a decision to decorate your product.Pottery, an ancient Persian ART, has generally a particular reputation in the world, and today it has been more advanced with different designs.

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